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Eva Vitija

writer/director My Life as a Film; Vice-President Swiss Filmmakers Association ARF/FDS

Eva Vitija was born 1973 in Basel. Since her screenwriting studies at DffB (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin) in 2002, she has been working as a screenwriter for television and cinema in Switzerland and in Germany. She wrote many screenplays for feature-length films, TV movies, and TV series such as "Meier, Marilyn", Madly in Love", and "Litte Paradise/Sommervoegel". Eva Vitija is also a script consultant and a screenwriting teacher. She is a board member of the Cultural Fund of Swiss Authors' Rights Cooperative for Audiovisual Works (National Copyright Organisation in Switzerland). In addition, Ms. Vitija is the Vice-President of the National Swiss Filmmakers Association ARF/FDS (Authors and Directors Guild). In 2015 she directed her first feature length documentary "My Life as a Film". She lives in Zuerich, Switzerland with her husband.