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Fred Strype

Moderator; AFF Screenwriting Award Winner; Chair at Sarah Lawrence College's Filmmaking, Screenwriting & Moving Image Arts Program

Fred Strype is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker whose work has been screened and honored internationally.  He is a tenured professor at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, where he is Chair of their Filmmaking & Moving Image Arts Program.  In the past, he served on the faculty of his alma mater, Columbia University in the Graduate Film Division where he earned his MFA in Film.  He is a partner in Raindance Pictures, an independent production company with projects developed for Columbia/Tristar/Sony, Lifetime, MTM Productions, Family Channel, FX, Alliance/ Atlantis, Capella Films, Turman-Foster Productions, James Manos Productions, FX and Avenue Pictures.  Strype is the former Executive Director of the Irving Texas Film Commission serving Dallas/Ft. Worth.  His awards include the Grand Prize at the Nantucket Film Festival, The Showtime Tony Cox Award in Screenwriting, and he was also inducted into the Nantucket Screenwriters Colony in 2008.  He has been a screenwriting juror and conference moderator/panelist at the Austin Film Festival for a decade, where he was a past award recipient for his screenwriting.  He is on the Advisory Board of The KD Conservatory of Acting, Theater & Film in Dallas, and also serves on the Advisory Board of Columbia University’s Graduate School of the Arts.  He is also currently a juror and presenter at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival.  His most recent work includes his award-winning short film, “Got Next,” as well as the hit web series, “Gayle Waters-Waters,” on which he serves as executive producer and plays the role of Rik Gausman.  He is also co-creator, executive producer and director, with partner Douglas Mac Hugh, on the  web series, “Socially Active.”  Through their Web Series Asylum Project, Strype & Mac Hugh are releasing their co-directed feature film, “Elusive” this fall, and will launch the original dramatic TV series pilot, “Providers,” later this year on which they served as executive producers & co-directors.  Strype’s book, “Bulletproof Screenwriting – Essential Essays on the Art & Craft of Film-Telling” is scheduled for release this coming year.