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James Wong

writer/executive producer American Horror Story, The Others, Rosemary's Baby (2014); writer/director/co-executive producer The X-Files; writer/director Final Destination

Jim is a prolific writer and director and has worked extensively in both the film and television worlds. He is currently working as an Executive Producer on the hit FX series, AMERICAN HORROR STORY. He recently shot a pilot at A&E with Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay Executive Producing.  In addition to his television work, Jim created the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, and directed both the first and third installments. His other feature credits include DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION and the thriller THE ONE.  In television he is best known for executive producing and showrunning THE X-FILES and SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, which he co-created.  He was nominated for multiple Emmys for AMERICAN HORROR STORY and also for directing THE X-FILES. He was the recipient of two Golden Globes Awards for THE X-FILES.