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Jason Romaine

writer Making a Scene with James Franco, Camp; creator Soho Haus Rules

Jason Romaine is a comedy writer based in Los Angeles. He is currently writing on a Rooster Teeth digital series in Austin, Texas. Jason served as the head writer for the Emmy nominated AOL's "Making a Scene with James Franco" Season 2 and Maker's long form web series "Camp." He recently created his own web series poking fun at Hollywood elitism, "Soho Haus Rules." (Catch it on YouTube, it's actually funny. If you disagree, he'll give you your time back). A graduate from UCLA TFT MFA in screenwriting, Jason's 2014 comedy "The Emancipation of J.Ro" placed top 5 in the AFF pilot competition. He currently has two features in development with That's Wonderful, Safehouse, and Get Lifted; "development" means they have yet to pay him. He has pitched to such esteemed institutions as Comedy Central, FX, Fullscreen, and Seeso; they have yet to pay him either. Validate Jason via www.jasonromaine.com